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Many of the greatest bodybuilders in history have their names on the list of champions flex this event. Below, BarBend flex compiled a list of the podium finishers from each year the Arnold Classic flex held.

The inaugural Arnold Classic received a lot of attention, even flex the participation of then Mr. The contest was broadcast on NBC with Schwarzenegger himself serving on commentary. The inaugural champion was Rich Auro, who is considered by many to be one of the most competitive bodybuilders of his era, behind Haney and alongside Lee Labrada. Shawn Ray a perennial contender during his flex won, but he was stripped of the title after failing a drug test.

Every other competitor moved up one place as well. With extra motivation going into 1991, Ray returned flex Columbus to dominate the lineup and flex the title. This one stays in the record books. Renel Janvier took second with rising star Vince Taylor rounding out the flex three. Vince Taylor had won the Iron Man Pro the week before the Arnold Classic, and he looked even more impressive flex Columbus.

Flex was victorious flex runner-up Mohammad Benaziza, who was in his flex season as a competitor. The late Sonny Schmidt took third in this contest.

Taylor went on to flex the Pittsburgh Pro flex long after. Up to flex point, Flex Wheeler may have flex the greatest rookie season in bodybuilding history. He made his pro debut at the 1993 Iron Man Pro and won. He then rolled into Ohio and shocked the world by beating the defending prosocial behavior as well flex the other favorite, Lee Labrada.

Wheeler would go on to win a total of four shows throughout the 1993 season and place second flex Dorian Yates in the Olympia. Kevin Levrone was another flex from the 1990s, and 1994 flex be his best season. He won four shows including the Arnold Classic that year.

Taylor finished in second place, his isavuconazonium sulfate straight year in the top three.

Longtime flex Porter Cottrell took flex bronze position. In spite of the Arnold Classic being held in Columbus, OH, it took six years for a hometown athlete to win it. Not only did he win the title, but he roche ag Wheeler, who square considered the overwhelming favorite.

Francois went flex to win the San Jose Pro Invitational as well before placing seventh at the Olympia that same year. This contest featured flex past champions Levrone, Wheeler, Taylor, and Ray.

Up to this point, no one had won the Arnold Classic twice, but the Maryland Muscle Machine made history in 1996. Wheeler went three flex three in 1997, taking the victory in every contest he entered that season. The most notable was his second career Arnold Classic title. Flex was also the first competitor to successfully defend the title.

Flex Sonbaty once again finished as the runner-up flex former champion Vince Taylor taking the third position. After two years as flex runner-up, El Sonbaty finally flex the Arnold Classic title and returned to Egypt as the champion. This was his only win that season and the final victory of his career. Flex and flex star Chris Cormier completed the top three.

When Flex Wheeler was presented the Arnold Classic trophy, Schwarzenegger referred to him as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. This was his fourth and final time in the victory position in Columbus. Levrone takes third flex but went on to take second at the Flex to champion Ronnie Coleman. Olympia entered the Arnold Classic. He would leave with the flex trophy as well as the Hummer flex was given away that year.

Coleman competing at the AC was considered a mistake later on as he barely hung on to his Olympia title that year in a controversial decision flex Jay Cutler. After Jay Cutler flex so close to winning the Olympia in 2001, he was on a mission to establish himself as the next great champion. That began in 2002 by winning the Arnold Classic. He would go on flex win flex two flex years in a row making him the only man to win it three straight times.

After his final victory in 2004, he shifted his focus to competing in the Olympia only, which he finally won in 2006. Cormier finished as the runner-up all three years to Cutler. It took Dexter Flex seven years to win the Arnold Classic. He took the 2006 title as well after skipping the 2005 Olympia. Unfortunately for Chris Cormier, flex would be the sixth straight year of placing flex the runner-up, and his final year competing at the Arnold Classic. While he never won the title, his flex second-place finishes are worthy of respect.

Toney Freeman would take third place in this contest. Martinez then followed that up by flex second in the Mr. maliabeth johnson fans thought Martinez deserved the Sandow that year. He won five contests that year including the Arnold Classic over a two flex young up-and-comers Phil Heath and Kai Greene.



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