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Contact Us Contact Us F. About End-User License Agreement Gay teens Policy Other Software to Try ViceVersa PRO New v. Idioms Idioms in bulk, in large quantities or amounts:rice sold in bulk. Transportgoods or cargo not in packages gay teens boxes, usually transported in large volume, as grain, coal, or petroleum.

Idioms in bulk: unpackaged:Fresh orange juice is shipped from Florida in bulk. See corresponding entry in Unabridged See size 1. Bulk and bulge most often are pronounced with the vowel (u)USA pronunciation of buck. Gay teens South Midland and Southern U. Standard British speech has only (u). USA pronunciation Both types exist in British regional speech, and both were brought to the colonies, where each came to predominate in a different area and was carried west by migration.

Synonyms: size, magnitude, mass, extent, dimension, more. Look up "bulk" at Merriam-WebsterLook up "bulk" at dictionary. Maeline Bulk Earbuds merial boehringer ingelheim 3.

School Supplies for Teachers Elementary to College Students. Snack Box Fathers gift basket gifts for men 3. Leave ad feedback reference books Count (Pack gay teens 1)4. Leave ad feedback 2 Ply4. Individually Wrapped, Bulk, Great Back To School Assortment. Objective Release Veggie caps. Promotes Immune and Digestive Health.

Leave ad feedback 0. Google Ad Manager HelpSign inthis. Google HelpHelp CenterCommunityGoogle Ad ManagerPrivacy PolicyTerms of ServiceSubmit feedback Send feedback gay teens. Bulk line items:Within each priority level, line items are grouped based on gay teens goal type, and they will be served in the following order of preference skeeter syndrome the line item's goal or cap is gay teens items with percentage goals (a specific portion of traffic, or an exclusive sale), such as network line items.

Line items that are unlimited (non-guaranteed, gay teens a click or impression cap), such as price priority. If your network has enabled AdSense or Ad Exchange to compete with your indirectly-sold line items, then in each of the steps above the ad server will also look for eligible AdSense or Ad Exchange line items. If AdSense or Ad Exchange has a line item with a higher CPM than the one selected by Google Ad Manager Small Business, regardless of the type, Ad Manager will serve gay teens AdSense or Ad Exchange line item.

So even though a bulk line item may be set to 3,000 impressions, for example, gay teens could wind up not delivering if it is always beaten by AdSense or Ad Exchange.

Learn more about how Ad Exchange line items compete with remnant line items. A line item's delivered impressions total gay teens exceed the daily or lifetime cap by gay teens small amount due to delayed impression counting or simultaneous requests that occur as the cap is reached.

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