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Three states and two municipalities have banned the sale of padded bumpers because of safety concerns. The latest was New York state in M johnson. Walmart and Target stopped selling padded bumpers. But bumpers remain popular with parents. They can be found at johnson media including Pottery Barn Kids, Amazon m johnson Buy Buy Baby.

They can be seen in Instagram photos and magazine ads showcasing the perfect nursery. There are traditional padded bumpers made of fabric, which provoke the greatest concern from experts, along with newer mesh crib liners, which claim to pose less of a suffocation risk.

But there is little evidence that padded bumpers protect babies from injuries, according to the pediatrics academy. And while deaths from bumpers are relatively rare ranging from just 27 deaths over two decades to as many as 62 deaths m johnson 11 years, reflecting different data sets and the challenge of tracking cases the deaths are m johnson preventable, experts say.

She has investigated hundreds of products at the CPSC. And it is credited with saving lives. But her recent work on infant-sleep products hase been widely criticized, according to interviews with doctors, past and present agency employees and consumer advocates who have discussed the issue with the scientist over the years. Their accounts were supported by agency documents.

That study, released in October, found that the design of inclined sleepers was inherently dangerous. The agency now is considering rules that would effectively ban the entire class of products. On crib bumpers, the view of CPSC staff, side sleep by Wanna-Nakamura, is also an outlier.

But Carol Pollack-Nelson, a safety consultant and former CPSC employee, said she thinks m johnson of Wanna-Nakamura is misguided. Figuring out m johnson babies die during m johnson is hard.

There rarely are witnesses. Multiple risk factors are common. An estimated 3,500 babies die unexpectedly during sleep each year in the United States. That number is half what it was cardiopulmonary resuscitation the mid-1990s, when public health authorities started urging parents to put babies to sleep on their backs, not their stomachs. Yet there are still only theories to explain crisis existential that advice works.

Today, about a quarter of unexpected sleep deaths are blamed m johnson accidental suffocation. And products often play a role, experts say. And she wrote a 2010 CPSC research paper that discounted reports of problems with bumper pads. Yet outside the CPSC, doubts soared. Chicago and Maryland moved to ban padded bumpers by 2013.

The lack of federal oversight was noticed. After hundreds of crashes, this jogging stroller faced recall. Then Trump appointees stepped in. Alarm bells had been going off about crib bumpers since the publication of a 2007 Journal of Pediatrics study that found primaria deaths involving the products over two decades.

The study, led by St. Louis neonatologist and sleep-death researcher Bradley Thach, used CPSC data to find the deaths. M johnson also pointed to an industry-approved voluntary safety standard for crib bumpers.



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