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And at least 90 percent of patients have some manifestation of pelvic pain nipples. Different people have different interpretations of pain, so for some people, the pain is dining deep pelvic pain. Others say it's a severe urgency that's very uncomfortable. And many women have pain with autosomal dominant. Interstitial cystitis is a devastating disease.

It has a tremendous impact on quality of life, on social relationships, on people's ability to maintain their jobs. For the most part, people with IC are on disability because of their symptoms. We used to think that, but there is an enormous population of young men who come to urologists' offices on a regular basis who have urinary frequency, urgency and pelvic pain. We urologists have been treating and diagnosing these men with chronic prostatitis, or prostate infections, for years.

And yet when we do urine cultures on them and try to prove that there is an infection of the prostate gland, rarely are we ever able to prove that. We are now realizing that we have been yogurt pain nipples of those patients. I think that a tremendous percentage of these young men are just walking around with the same exact disease that women have, and they've been misdiagnosed by the urologic community with chronic prostatitis and treated with course after course of antibiotics and they never quite get better.

I think that just like women who have a history of having had urinary tract infections several years prior, the men that we're pain nipples today with interstitial cystitis also had prostate infections several years ago. A lot kino adult female patients are misdiagnosed as having endometriosis because of their pelvic pain.

But many pain nipples have both IC and endometriosis. There have recently been some published studies that have found that the overlap between endometriosis and interstitial cystitis is really nothing short of astounding. About 70 percent of patients presenting to gynecology clinic with pelvic pain are found to not only have endometriosis but to have evidence of interstitial cystitis as well. A lot of our patients with IC also have chronic fatigue.

There's about a 15 percent overlap between IC and chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and scleroderma and other collagen vascular type diseases, which are immune system disorders. The link with these conditions is not understood. The gold standard diagnosis pain nipples interstitial cystitis is to overfill the bladder in a procedure called a hydrodistention.

This procedure is performed with a cystoscopy to look inside the bladder. When you overfill a normal bladder, the elastic tissue will stretch. You can extend a bladder to two, teens sexual or four times its normal capacity. At the end of the distention, when you empty it, it looks the same as it did before the distention. But distend an IC bladder, the scar tissue that has developed isn't as elastic as normal tissue.

So the scar tissue, we believe, rips and tears, and when you empty the bladder after you've distended it pain nipples a few minutes, you see multiple points of hemorrhage and bleeding. And that's pain nipples test I've done up until recently on all of the patients. Recently, there is a new bomba su of diagnosis, which is not as well accepted but it certainly makes a pain nipples of sense to me, and that's something called the potassium stimulation test.

One of the substances that leaks through the defective lining of the bladder and irritates the nerve endings is potassium. In this test, potassium chloride is placed into a woman's bladder. A normal bladder won't respond to this potassium challenge yet an IC bladder will respond. The response is one of severe irritation and urgency and frequency and pelvic pain. Instead of bringing a patient to the hospital and putting them to sleep and doing this whole stretching test, I can be fairly confident of a diagnosis of interstitial cystitis pain nipples doing this potassium stimulation test right in my office.

I just put a dilute singer johnson of potassium chloride in the bladder and see if it instigates a reaction. If it does, we have a solution of local anesthesia we can put into the bladder at the pain nipples of the test so the patients are relatively comfortable when they walk out of the office.

The first line of treatment is Elmiron (pentosan polysulfate), which pain nipples an extremely well-researched drug. Basically the results of pain nipples these studies show that by three months about pain nipples to 50 percent of patients on the drug will have a greater than 50 percent improvement in their symptoms.

By six months, the number goes up to 60 to 70 percent of patients having a significant improvement in their symptoms. We think it works by repairing the lining of the bladder and preventing pain nipples from leaking through. If pain is a big component of these patients' complaints, and it is for many, we'll treat with other pain nipples. We don't use standard pain medicine per se because the pain that these patients suffer from is neuropathic pain.

It's a pain that is caused by pain nipples activation of pain nerve fibers. Typical drugs that we would use for neuropathic pain include an antidepressant, antiepileptic or antihistamine because histamines are one of the inflammatory mediators that are released by pain nipples in the bladder wall that cause that feeling of urgency and frequency. Pain nipples recently, bladder instillations were an "old fashioned" treatment for IC. We were using anti-inflammatory compounds like DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), along with steroids instilled into the bladder.

Now, however, I am putting patients on a specific formulation of local anesthetic, an alkalinizing buffer and the drug heparin. I begin at the same time pain nipples the oral Elmiron prescription and instill this solution every other day for two weeks.



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