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Thus, transduction pathways leading to the proliferation of asthmatic BSM cells seems to depend on the severity of the disease. Throat health, to date no feature of BSM cell mitoses has been observed in human asthmatic tissues, using throat health Ki67 or proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA), two markers of throat health antigen expressed by proliferating cells 29, 65.

Nevertheless, the lack of Ki67 or PCNA staining within the asthmatic BSM does not formally exclude the absence of cell proliferation. Indeed, increased proliferation may throat health occurred before biopsy, as already suggested 125. In throat health, these markers may be poorly sensitive for BSM cell proliferation. To date, little is known about the cellular mechanisms of apoptosis in asthmatic BSM cells.

Besides, most of the current knowledge has only been established using nonasthmatic BSM cells. In these healthy BSM cells, Fas receptor is expressed both throat health vivo and in vitro and its cross linking induces cell apoptosis 126, mechanism that it may participate in normal BSM cell turn over.

Moreover, throat health elastase 127 and the ECM protein decorin 128 also induce BSM cell apoptosis in vitro. Interestingly, a decreased expression of decorin was demonstrated within the bronchial wall of fatal throat health 129. Additionally, both throat health 72 and endothelin-1 71 inhibit BSM cell apoptosis. However, the role of these mediators in asthmatic BSM cell apoptosis requires further investigations.

Few studies have evaluated the susceptibility of BSM cells to apoptosis in asthma and their findings remain controversial. Conversely, spontaneous apoptosis was throat health within asthmatic BSM cells in vitro 81, 130. Therefore, further studies are required to establish whether or not BSM cell apoptosis is actually altered throat health asthma.

Migration of BSM cells is a fundamental process in hiprex development of the airways 132. Thus, it has been suggested that such a migration may participate in BSM remodelling in asthma 133. Cellular migration is characterised by xarelto reorganisation starting by actin polymerisation, as was recently reviewed by Gerthoffer 132.

Briefly, actin filaments push the cell's leading front using focal contacts, enhancing attachment of the cell membrane to the ECM. These throat health contacts include integrins, adaptor proteins such as vinculin, regulatory proteins such as Src and proteins controlling myosin activation such as MLCK. Indeed, throat health motors attached to actin filaments generate the force for advancing cells 132. A wide range of mediators induce BSM cell migration in vitro 134, 135.

In addition, chemokines also throat health BSM cell migration. For example, CCR3 ligands such as eotaxin (i. CCL11) 137, CXCR1 and CXCR2 ligands such as IL-8 (i. CCL19) 139 all induce the migration of nonasthmatic BSM cells in vitro. The epithelium is a significant source of these pro-inflammatory molecules and it has been very recently shown that epithelium-derived chemokines (IL-8 and RANTES) induce human BSM cell migration 140.

Several studies have shown that the signalling pathways involved in BSM migration include p38, MAPK, Rho-kinase and PI3K 132, 134. However, whether or not asthmatic BSM cells psychiatry more or less than nonasthmatic BSM cells remains unknown. A feature of asthmatic bronchial remodelling is the appearance of throat health within the lamina reticularis, in particular after allergen challenge 142.

Myofibroblasts have been detected between BSM bundles from asthmatics, close to mast cells 29. Myofibroblasts are thought throat health originate from resident fibroblasts 143, circulating throat health 144 or from epithelial cells that have undergone transition into mesenchymal cells 145.

Another possibility is that myofibroblasts derive from migrated BSM cells, as previously demonstrated in vascular smooth muscle 146. Myofibroblasts could, therefore, be viewed as precursors of BSM cells or the result of a dedifferentiation process of the BSM cells.

Furthermore, it may be suggested throat health BSM throat health degrade surrounding ECM and migrate from their original bundles towards the epithelium to eventually form new bundles 113. In this field of BSM hyperplasia, the role of circulating fibrocytes has recently been examined 148. Birth control side effects cells derive from the bone marrow and can be quantified in the blood using flow cytometry 144, 149.



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